I thought I’d start an app of the week to help build your wellbeing resource collection. The first app I have chosen is an absolute favourite of mine ‘Smiling Mind.’ There is so much great research coming out about the benefits of practicing mindfulness on our sleep, connectedness, energy levels, calmness, concentration, anxiety, stress, awareness and creativity. The app is free to download, you just have to use a registered email address. Mindfulness should be practiced daily and takes between 5-10 minutes each session.

If you want to know more check out the Smiling Mind website


Gerri has two identical square tarpaulins. Unfortunately, these tarps aren’t quite big enough to cover the brand new spa bath.

So Gerri’s decided to cut the tarps and tape them together to make a bigger tarp.

They want their final tarp to be a square, and they want it to be as big as possible.

Can you work out a way to make a big square without wasting any of the tarp material? What’s the fewest number of cuts they need to make?


Hi there Lakes Grammar. This blog is born out of us all having to adapt to a different way of life. That is why I picked the photo of Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland for this page. It is a place where my favourite author C.S. Lewis holidayed as a child and is the castle that many believe Cair Paravel is based on in the Narnia Chronicles. In his book “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” the 4 Pevensie children are ripped from their familiar life in London and into a strange world inside a wardrobe. For us in 2020, we have been forced from our everyday experiences into life at home and online, like a modern version of the wardrobe. Who knows what adventures we might be able to have in the coming months despite our new existence. Join me as we venture into the great unknown. 

Service Support

Happy Tuesday everyone. Sometimes we all need someone to talk to. Whether it is a friend, family member or professional. There are LOTS of amazing services that are available for you, some are even available 24/7. Everyone likes to communicate in different ways and that is why most services have telephone, chat or online information options to help you. Below I have put together some websites and telephone services that you might find helpful if you need to talk. I have outlined the ways that you can connect with them and the supports that they offer. And don’t forget you can always contact your Year Advisor via Teams or email and they can let the Wellbeing Team know, we are here to help.


What am I?

My life can be measured in hours,
I serve by being devoured; 
Thin, I am quick, 
Fat, I am slow;
Wind is my foe...

What am I?

Leave your suggestions in the comment section, and the answer comes out tomorrow…