A book worth reading

This term at school our staff have not been able to meet together for staff devotions. We used to meet each morning at 8:20am to hear a short passage from the Bible, a quick message from me and then pray together. This is not possible because of COVID restrictions. What I have been doing instead is sending out an email each morning at about 6:30am with a brief thought that is connected to the Psalm for the day. I’ll type up a prayer for the day too and every now and again provide a link to a song, a bit like in chapel. Reading a Psalm each day has been really relevant for life at the moment. It is a great book in the Bible that captures so much emotion in a no holds barred kind of way. I highly recommend reading it. Checkout the sung version of the very famous Psalm 23 below (Yahweh is a fancy name for God) and get yourself into the Psalms…they will speak to your soul.