A book worth reading

This term at school our staff have not been able to meet together for staff devotions. We used to meet each morning at 8:20am to hear a short passage from the Bible, a quick message from me and then pray together. This is not possible because of COVID restrictions. What I have been doing instead is sending out an email each morning at about 6:30am with a brief thought that is connected to the Psalm for the day. I’ll type up a prayer for the day too and every now and again provide a link to a song, a bit like in chapel. Reading a Psalm each day has been really relevant for life at the moment. It is a great book in the Bible that captures so much emotion in a no holds barred kind of way. I highly recommend reading it. Checkout the sung version of the very famous Psalm 23 below (Yahweh is a fancy name for God) and get yourself into the Psalms…they will speak to your soul.

The bin thing…

is apparently something that has caught the minds of more than 700,000 Facebook users. I had no idea it was so popular until in our isolation craziness I posted my own version and plenty of my friends quickly told me that it is a thing, like a really popular thing. So below is my first take on “putting the bin out with style.” Maybe you could have a go too and email the school your efforts. It’s fun to dress up and be a little bit mad for your neighbours amusement. It certainly put a smile on my neighbours face. Hope your Easter was full of joy too and the holidays are treating you kindly.


Happy Easter Everyone…

it is hard to believe it but we have made it to the end of term 1. Usually on this day we have 2 big Easter services at school, Grandparents Day activities for our youngest students and often a Bishop or two visiting us. This year is obviously different and so we are having our very first K-12 online Youtube chapel. We haven’t had a K-12 chapel in probably a decade so this is pretty cool. My Easter prayer for you all is that you might have a new understanding of God’s deep love for you through his son Jesus. That first Easter changed the world in which we live and is echoing down through the ages to us right now….even in our isolation. I hope that this Easter you may know that you are precious, that you are loved and that you are born on purpose and for a purpose. So kick your slippers off and enjoy the Lakes Grammar 2020 Easter Chapel in the comfort of your Onesie….and maybe sneak an early Easter Egg while you watch. Bless ya’s, Matt


Hi there Lakes Grammar. This blog is born out of us all having to adapt to a different way of life. That is why I picked the photo of Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland for this page. It is a place where my favourite author C.S. Lewis holidayed as a child and is the castle that many believe Cair Paravel is based on in the Narnia Chronicles. In his book “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” the 4 Pevensie children are ripped from their familiar life in London and into a strange world inside a wardrobe. For us in 2020, we have been forced from our everyday experiences into life at home and online, like a modern version of the wardrobe. Who knows what adventures we might be able to have in the coming months despite our new existence. Join me as we venture into the great unknown.